David Clinton’s bike late 1-’78, 1-early ’80

Posted: October 15, 2010 in David Clinton

Two pictures showing David Clinton’s bikes from late ’78 and early 1980. Note the lack of large seat tube decal even on the early ’80 bike. It does have a Mongoose like ring decal.

Picture appeared in the Jan. ’79 issue meaning it must have been taken in late ’78.

Second picture shows it in early 1980. It appears in the May 80 issue but unclear when picture was actually taken. May have been early 80 or late 79. Note the lack of large seat tube decal, but ring decal on seat stay. It is my opinion that on the 79’s that decal was used either on the seat tube or seat stays. I have a 1980 with original decals and the first batch “A” and it has no such decal and does have the large seat tube decal. However sometime in ’80 they added a decal to the chain stays saying “Chromoly”. My batch A bike doesn’t have one.

  1. Guillermo Cabrera says:

    I got a diamond back and I need to know more about it its Chrome the serial number is vs980 50266 and a half initials carved in the famous vs or

    • Racer says:

      Not sure buit Id bet anything its a 98 or newer made in China or Taiwan bike. Doesnt it mean its not a good bike, just cant tell the model from the serial numbers.

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