June 1980 advertisement

Posted: October 18, 2010 in 1980

David Clinton is featured in this advertisement for Diamond Back. It doesnt really give any features or sizing. However the rider is clearly pictured on a bike with seat stay tube decals. My first batch 1980 frame didn’t have those though. So perhaps the bike was just a last batch 1979 frame. Would make sense since no telling when the picture was actually taken. Probably in early 1980. But the rider wasnt a factory rider so it would make sense hes on a slightly older bike.
You can spot though that he does have Tourney brakes and what looks like a SunTour seat post clamp and a blue plastic seat, that looks to be like the Kashimax MX. You can also tell this kid is on a “Large Pro” sized frame. Since he is smaller it makes sense to me that by the time this add was produced Diamond Back still hadn’t released a “Medium Pro”.

  1. Tony says:

    I just round a frame with vin number 0X2026 looks like 1980 with Tánge front fork

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