Serial Number Guide and Registry

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Serial Number Guide and Registry

Please visit Sparky’s OS-DB for his thorough guide to serial numbers:
70s DBs made by FMF (USA)
Koizumi (Japan)
Akisu (Taiwan)

Serial Number Registry
You can submit your name if you also want this to act as security proof if your bike is stolen.
#0A0347 – 1980 Large Pro – (Chrome)
#0J0445 – 1980 Large Pro – (Chrome)Owned by Karl

  1. GRobs says:

    On the frame my serial no. Is 2H00030 what does this mean Australian owned Daimond Back

  2. Dean Grace says:

    OGO415 – Large Pro (blue- D Grace)

  3. Richard in Los Angeles says:

    0C0738 ends with baseball symbol – chrome

  4. Heather McConnaughy says:

    I can’t find a serial number, but there is a bell or hat symbol etched into the frame of the crank housing. What would that be?

  5. Chris says:

    I have a old diamond back with the serial# 0003940. Can you tell what year it is

  6. Chris siepen says:

    Hi I have just bought a diamond back and I can’t find the model can anyone help the serial no sy3 g3224 please please help!
    Regards chris

  7. Anthony says:

    F4094183 I cant find anything about it…..

    • Racer says:

      Made in late 84 so could be a 84 or 85 model. It is one of the lower end models made in Taiwan but all their bikes were good so dont mean that with any disrespect.

  8. Ralf says:


    I have a old diamond back Harry Leary Turbo with the serial# 3G0066. Can you tell what year it is

    Thanks from Germany

  9. Dean amer says:

    Hi have an old db bmx serial no f4082705 uk one I think any info,
    Cheers Dean

    • Racer says:

      F Batch from 1984. I’m guessing it would be mid year or late and may even be built in 84 but an 85 model. If it has any of the original decals left you can figure that out.

      • Dean amer says:

        Thank you very much ,, was thinking off selling in uk what sort of price ,do you think I. Should ask ,,,
        It’s not mint far from it.. Good restoration project .. Thanks again for you time very kind of you.
        Regards Dean.

  10. Racer says:

    Not sure, if its complete no less then say $100 US but could bring much more. It all depends on how original and if it has good parts on it if not original. It also depends on the Model if its all 4130 or trimoly etc. Good luck I link to a UK DB site Id sell it there, would go to a good home.

  11. Dean amer says:

    Thank you very much for you reply, very kind of you an old red line are they popular in the us.?

  12. Sarah Lee says:

    Hi, I’m in Cambridge, England. My partner died last year and I have his BMX. I think it is a diamond back Viper, but don’t know the year. The serial number is ACS5CO4352., can anyone help?
    Many thanks Sarah

  13. Dave says:

    I picked up my old DB from my parent house today an dI am trying to figure out what it is exactly. The serial number is F4077874. Thanks

    • Racer says:

      the 4 is for 84.
      I’m pretty sure the F stands for Formosa meaning the bike was made in Taiwan.
      Its possible it was made late in 1983 and is actually a 1985 model. You have to look at the various models and compare, if it has original decals that can be a big help.
      But this should narrow it down for you.

  14. ngoffey says:


    I have the frame number 3B0 569 then the baseball symbol? Thanks for any help.


  15. Steve says:

    So I purchased an old abused DB. I believe it was created by Dr. Frankenstein himself, as none of the parts appear to be original except cranks, chain, and sprocket. The local villagers abused it and left it to die on the side of someone’s house, according to the house painter that came into possession of it. FYI… I have never restored a bike before, but I always wanted one as a kid. I guess I finally got my chance.

    Before I proceed with the direction I want to go, I want to be sure of the year and model. The bike measures at 18.5 and the serial number is 3×1110. The sticker kind of creates confusion for me because it is not like any I have seen on the web. It has a diamond with the D & the B on top of each other instead of horizontal or side by side.

    Another question I have relates to handlebars. Did they stamp them? Because the bars I have are unstamped. The stem is not stamped either.

    I will be searching for a front fork. Does the particular year matter and who made the fork for this bike? If you know of one up for grabs point them my way.

    Thank you for your time. I truly appreciate your assistance .

    Steve from Tehachapi, Ca

  16. Dave says:

    Trying to restore and old BMX bike for my grandson. the serial number is F2109887 “Looptail”. What year would this fall under? Also it has 12″ wheels and had seen “DiamondBacks” with 16″ and 20″ wheels but never a 12″…What kind of bike is this? (It has “DiamondBack” decals on the frame with “Viper” on the front fork) Thanks

    • Racer says:

      My guess it would be a 82 or 92 Viper. F being for Taiwan made and 2 for the year. But by 92 they didnt make looptails I dont think. But for a 12 inch bike they may have. Be shocked if they made a 12 inch bike in 82. I had a 16 I scored then sold awhile back.

      • Dave says:

        hey racer thanks I took the old tires off and the inner band said 16×1.75 made in Taiwan but rim mesures 12″ ???

  17. Racer says:

    Measure the tire, it probably is 16″ The size of the wheel includes the tire and is rounded off.
    So you have a 16″ Pit bike as they are often referred too. They were made for young kids but often older riders used to like to play around on them in the pits.

    • Dave says:

      yes yes your right I took the bike apart for cleaning and discovered on the outside of the fork shaft AKISU 83 THANK YOU so much for your info pics later…………..Dave

  18. Greg Olson says:

    my serial number is either T5B10816 OR 15B10816 I cant tell Can anyone help me?

    • Racer says:

      I would guess the TS one is correct and the 1 indicates the year made (not the model year)
      So if no canti mount brakes a 1991 or 92. If Canti mount brakes a 2001 or 2002. Thats just my best guess.

  19. Billy says:

    F501045 think it’s 1983 or maybe 1985
    What say yee ?

  20. sarah overstreet says:

    I have an old school all chrome diamondback…the numbers are “KW9L04063″…can you please inform me on exactly what year and brand of diamondback I own…or please refer me to a site where I am allowed to punch in the serial numbers and see me exact bike and what is supposed to look like…

  21. Chrisitne says:

    I have two serial numbers I hope you an help me with. One is M87612930, which I think is a diamondback. The other is H87123391, which I think is a Haro. Can you please help? Thx!

    • Racer says:

      Both look to be 1987 bikes but could be 1988 models. Have no way to ID them from serial numbers alone. Best Penn State basketball player ever was Joe Crispin any relation?

  22. Scott cook says:

    Hello I have a bike with the serial number F1108683 it does not have a DB diamond on the gusset just a circular cut out , looks like a Moto one but without the #1, any ideas of the model please

  23. Karl L. says:

    Hello – I have 0J0445 large pro – chrome.
    Thanks for all the info you have posted here.

  24. Hi, my frame number is acs8a03274. Any help please. Also marked 325 on the dropout. Thanks.

    • Racer says:

      Im going to guess the 8 in the serial number is for 1988 or 1998.
      Which could be that years model or the following year.
      Look at the rear seat stays and chain stays. If they dont have canti mounts then its probably a 88 or 89 model.
      If it has canti mounts for brakes then I would look at 1998 or 99 models.
      This sit is for only the earliest models from Diamond Back. Make sure you check out Sparkeys site.

  25. Mellissa Nunes says:

    I have a serial number if any one could tell me what year the bike was made…serial number is ACS9E17004

  26. Ser gio says:

    tengo una bmx diamondback viper con numero de serie ACY5I09014, QUE SIGNIFICA ESTE CÓDIGO

  27. Janice and Steven says:

    My bike has two numbers on it so we don’t know what year it was made, can any of you tell me? B151-0 or AM00I00302

  28. Stu Swan says:

    I think I have a diamond back frame the serial number is S9IT 35678 could you advise thanks Stu.

  29. Eric says:

    I’m looking to find out what year my old diamondback is. It has two sets of serial numbers on it. First the frame on the rear drop out has OEO487 and the forks are them rare ones with the two separate holders for the rim. The forks are stamped OBT with the baseball. Anyone please

  30. celeste says:

    I have an old looptail frame serial numbered 2A0605(baseball).. it’s Chrome I think it used to have gussets behind the head tube but they’ve been cut out for some reason. Any help with what kind of frame I have? Any insight is appreciated.

    • Racer says:

      You cant tell a model by the serial number I dont think, just the year. 2 would be for 1982 A for early 1982.
      Yes all the ’82s had gussets.

      • celeste says:

        I wish I could just show the frame and thereby eliminate guesswork. The guy that sold it to me Told me it was an old Hutch frame. … I just joined sparky’s dB group on fb, maybe if I post pics there?

  31. Racer says:

    Yeah that would help. Im fairly certain HUTCH never had serial numbers like that or with the baseball symbol, but Im not an expert.

  32. Scott Bird says:

    Hi, have an old diamond back which has a serial no OLO190 with baseball symbol. i’m pretty sure its a 1980 December build large pro from Japan( chrome). Are parts still available as i’m going to do a restoration on her.

    • Scott Bird says:

      And what is the best way to get rid of surface rust off the chrome??
      I heard Oxalic acid works

    • Racer says:

      It was made in 1980 but may be the last batch of the year. In that case it is probably originally a 1981 model.
      But that isnt certain. ERarly 81s had double dropouts so unclear when a 81 new year model came out. Im going to guess that they didnt unveil the 81 model till early or mid year (81) when they switched to single dropout forks.

  33. Paul McCarthy says:

    I have a frame with the serial number : J3097J73
    Can you help give me any ideas about this bmx

    • Racer says:

      Cant tell you the model by the serial number. What I can tell you is it was made late in 1983 and could be either a 83 or 84 model. You would have to compare the frame, decals and parts to catalog pictures to be certain.

  34. Alec says:

    Can anyone decode this serial number.


  35. Thomas parsons says:

    My serial number is
    Can you explain how to read it?

  36. John says:

    I have this bike 0E1455 then the baseball symbol can you tell me a lil bit about it please

  37. javi says:

    F3112402 what year please is it a viper or a silver streak who made it ? thank you

    • Racer says:

      It is an 1983. I think if its likely a Viper or a lower model if it doesnt have the baseball symbol.
      Check OS DB site for more on that years bikes.

      • javi says:

        hi racer thanks it does have the baseball diamonds on the symbol so that means is a viper right thanks again racer!

      • Racer says:

        NO it only means it was Made in Japan.
        I would think the Silver Streak was the top of the line unless the Viper replaced it that year.
        I would check Sparky’s DB site for more info on that year.

        The high end bikes were from Japan the rest from taiwan eventually.
        In 83 was about the time most of the completes began being made in Taiwan for Diamond Back.
        But from the sserial number it only means it was made in 83 but could be a 84 model. The higher the letter, L H J K etc it is more likely to be a 84 model.

        Ok just looked thru everything real quick.
        You have a low letter so its likely a 83 model.
        The 83 was a Silver Streak and had the larger gusset found on all the early bikes. It was made in Japan like your bike.
        The 84 with a large gusset was the Viper made in Taiwan. But the 84 Viper usually had the chain guard tabs welded to the frame rear. So no welded on tabs and you have a Silver Streak I think.

      • javi says:

        Hi racer me again yes my bike it dose have the chain guard tabs ? im confused if this bike is F3112402 83 but with chain guard so what is it silver streak or viper?? i wich i could send u a pic

      • Racer says:

        OK did more looking for you. It could be a 1984 model. Some years they switched early. I couldnt see if any 83 had a chain guard tab, perhaps different countries had different laws.
        I do have a 1984 catalog. The top of the line bikes were the Leary Turbo and the Formula. They were both Full 4130.
        The Pacer 500 was three tubes 4130 and the forks full 4130. But it wasn’t a looptail. It possibly could have had the chaingaurd tabs added as companies got scared of law changes. The catalog shows it with no tab though. But wouldn’t surprise me if some had them. The welds at the front and on the forks should be perfect.
        The Viper for 1984 was a looptail but mild steel, even the forks. The catalog shows it with chaingaurd tabs.
        Hope that helps,

  38. james leslie clayton says:

    What year is this DB bike, its a overdrive but appears to be a bmx, I thought they were mountain bikes? It even states that its an off road bmx competition bike and that its made for stunts and jumping, also its 32 cm tall. It was distributed by pacific brands north victoria, australia but made in china i think? Avanti bought the rights to pacific brands in 2011 so now I cant even contact them, haha. The serial number is #10c1008658

  39. Gary says:

    Hello, this is my #F3C69702.
    Can you help me identify it?

    • Racer says:

      It is a 1983 model. If it has the baseball symbol it was made in Japan and is a top of the line model.
      If not it is still a good bike, just made in Taiwan.

  40. Edwarf says:

    Hi there, have picked up a viper today in a bit of a sorry state, number on the bottom is ACA08G00780? Could you advise as to when this was made? Thank you

    • Racer says:

      Just some guesses. If it doesnt have canti mounts I would guess 1990ish, if it does have cant mounts then 1998ish.
      Thats where I would start looking.

  41. Stephen Lee Underwood says:

    What year and manufacture is P1045-2

  42. Brett says:

    Hi I have a db mini serial 1B0076 followed by a baseball. Thanks.

  43. tarzan says:

    I have a dab BM serial number. V31180081

  44. Jacob says:

    My diamondback reactor pro idk the year or how to read the serial number.
    Two sets of numbers the second set is sideways from the first. Any one can tell me about my bike please?
    B1 61-8


    • Racer says:

      Id start looking at bikes from the 90s and compare them to figure out the year. Look at decals, subtle changes, like does it have canti-mounts for brakes etc.

  45. Paul says:

    My db has 1g0847 with the baseball symbol. Chrome and gold with original mx880 caliber and pre bent levers. Does that mean 81 from Japan? Lives in Australia.
    And is it a pro or streak?


    • Racer says:

      Means it was made in Japan in 1981. But the high letter means it could have been made late in the year and be a 82 model. So just look into both years, hopefully you will find some clues in decals or parts etc.

  46. Paul says:

    Thanks racer. It is a loop tail with a short seat post tube and big bars. Haven’t seen another with the same shape. The pros seem to be taller from the pics I’ve seen. Best looking geometry I ever saw and so stoked to own it. 😉

  47. gary macdonald says:

    i have a early db with serial number 1×0265 then a baseball symbol after that on the back inside wheel slot can you tell me what kind and year model it is?

    • Racer says:

      It is a 1981 or 82 Diamond Back.

      • Mat says:

        Just got my db back and ready to restore. 2X0164 with baseball or similar. Got this bmx for my birthday in March of 83. Probably classed as an 83 model in Australia even though build date late 82. My fork has baseball then 2KT. Probably 82 build also but the KT and ideas? Can’t find the correct repo sticker kit anywhere. Thank you.

      • Racer says:

        Just keep your eyes open on ebay for decals. I would think an 83 also but you always need to double check details of each year changes. Some models didnt change till mid the following year.

  48. Paul says:

    Can anyone tell me what sort of diamondback BMX this is? Serial number is KW9J08573 it has the DB symbol and 37 on the rear bracket.

    • Racer says:

      You usually cant tell a model buy its serial number.
      I would look to see if it has or doesnt have canti-mount brakes.
      If it doesnt I would look at 1989 or 1990 models.
      If it does have break pegs I would look at 1999 or 2000

  49. Sadgirl says:

    Hi I have a diamondback bmx brew frame serial no DBDA081 can anyone give me info

  50. Shelly says:

    Serial number acs4h03194. Any info please

  51. Caleb says:

    I have an old diamond back ser # ACX7H00651 Anyone know what it is?

    • Racer says:

      I would look at 1997 or 1998 models to see if you can find a match

      • Tony says:

        Hi I have old mini diamondback with Skinny Araya racing wheels . I use to race it back in the 80’s .
        I’m having a real hard time identifying it any help would be appreciated. Serial number VML1399

      • Racer says:

        Not sure the serial number not like earliest DBs. Could be a special run like of a Mini DB, not much information on those but Im sure if you dig around you can find some.
        1399 is a low run number so almost certainly it is a Mini or Junior, if DB even made a Jr. in the 80’s. Glad you still have your old bike that is rare in itself.

  52. F99 says:

    Hi there, I should have been looking at your site a long time ago. I have been in the dark about the status of my bmx frame for so long. Hopefully today is my lucky day.

    I have a DB which I required from a junkyard. The serial number is located at the bottom bracket.

    YF 85x5C979

    x = It was hard to determine what number or letter as it was hard to see. My guess is either 9 or nothing at all.

    – It has no gusset.

    – Oval Down tube.

    – “DIAMOND BACK” engraved on the seat tube.

    – 3 Holes at the rear dropout.

    I have no idea at all. Would you help me out?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Racer says:

      I dont remeber any old DBs having a oval down tube or db engraved on seat tube etc.
      I would look at the brake mounts. If it has canti mounts it is most likely from 1995 ish or newer.
      If it has no brake pegs, I would think it is an early or mid 90s bike perhaps.

  53. D says:

    kw1f00256 any info would be great B10262

  54. Doug says:


    I believe I have an 83 or 84 model – the serial # is 3H1965 with a baseball symbol so I believe it was built in Japan? Any help is greatly appreciated

  55. Russell Irvin says:

    Trying to find Model of bike my diamondback bmx is serial # is 11-1585 d0ja10j00301

  56. Monty says:

    Have a DB Viper #ACS7F17655 Made in Taiwan, has small DB gusset under headset with diamond cut out, no chain guard tabs but has rear canti pegs with brakes. In not bad shape, decals pretty good, has all DB logo seat post n clamp, pedals n cranks, fork, DB Tuff neck, DB grips and both DB rims. What year is it?? I don’t know. Can’t seem to access Sparky’s site. Thanks

  57. James Brown says:

    Gidday all i have a chrom-moly diamondback which i bought for my son around the mid 80s in AUS it has a serial no 3A0139 on the inside of the wheel gusset with a round symbol like a baseball at the end of it any info would be appriciated thanks

  58. Chad Reichstein says:

    Hi, i have a diamondback with serial number 2×0002 with a baseball symbol after it. It has a suntour seat pole clamp and headstem nut. Db stamped bars and something japan (i think says heiken) crank. The head stem looks original with diamondback stamped into it. I would like to know what model/year it is so i can find out what original parts should be on it for a resto. I bought this bike in primary school bout 30 years ago. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Racer says:

      Im not sure about the model but it is a 1982 made bike, almost certainly a 1983 model. So compare parts , small details, stickers etc to determine the model. Find a 1983 Diamond Back catalog online to compare your back too.

  59. Thayne says:

    Can anyone tell me anything about a Diamondback BMX with serial # 3A0589 and then a baseball. Anything would help! Thanks!

  60. tnuc says:

    Hi All,
    I have a Diamond back bmx that belonged to my son (dirt bike accident brain and spinal injury). I was thinking of selling to help him out. Was wondering if it had any value, pretty sure alloy frame.
    Has two lots of numbers on it. W1012-0 and ACL03D070298
    Thanks in advance

    • Racer says:

      I am sorry to hear about your son. The bike Im guessing is from 2003. If I am correct it would have canti mounted brake pegs and a clamp on stem with 2 bolts holding it onto the fork. It isnt really old enough to be collectible but all DBs are well made pretty much, they never were sold at department stores. List it on ebay with your minimum and the story, hopefully someone will not only buy it but help you start a go fund me page etc. Best of luck to you, your son and family

  61. Mark says:


    I have posted on bmx museum a bike on the forum for id

    ms is my username

    A weird one as it’s a 24 with similar dropouts from bb as a formula one

    It has an sn F2176358 on BB

    I am at a loose end and want to know for def

    Pls assist…if you can

  62. Lightning says:

    picked up old db not sure what it is but it has the small diamond cut out on front of frame and S# f5c73275

  63. Mark says:


    I have posted on bmx museum a bike on the forum for id

    ms is my username

    A weird one as it’s a 24 with similar dropouts from bb as a formula one

    It has an sn E2176358 on BB

    I am at a loose end and want to know for def

    Pls assist…if you can


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