David Clinton 1978

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Here are a bunch of Pictures from various magazines of David Clinton, Diamond Backs first rider. All pictures from 1978 show he used a Candy Blue DB. At one point he was using Cooks Bros. forks. All pictures on my Bloq’s from “Bicycle Motocross Action” are used courtesy of Bob Osborn. Do Not use or reproduce without his expressed written permission.
1978 NBA Grand Nationals. So this photo was from the end of ’78

1978, shows David running the Cooks Bros. forks early on.

Part of the 1978 “Bicycle Motocross Action” cover in October 1978. So this photo was from the summer of ’78

Oldest advertisement I have found so far. December 1978. So pictures were probably from fall of ’78


1977-78 The birth of Diamond Back

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I wont go into details here, you can find that at OS-DB.Net
1977 was the year the first prototypes and bikes were made for Diamond Back.

The first bike model was the 1977 “MX”.
Seen here on OS-DB.Net MX-1st-Generation
It was TriMoly and can be easily identified by its Euro Bottom Bracket and square brake bridge.

The second bike model was the 1978 “MX”
Seen here on OS-DB.Net MX-2nd-Generation
It was still TriMoly but now offered a American Bottom Bracket.

This site was inspired by my recent find of a 1980 made Diamond Back. The original and most complete site dedicated to Diamond Back is the one run by Sparky
This new site is dedicated solely to the first few years of Diamond Back. I was briefly sponsored by DB in 1981. So I have chosen that year to end the reference.
Again if you own a 1977-81 DB please submit any info and your serial number. I will start a registry.